Heavy Heavy Low Low

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Heavy Heavy Low Lowのバイオグラフィー

San Jose, California based HeavyHeavyLowLow was formed in 2004, and gained notoriety largely through word of mouth, internet hype and extensive touring. The quintet consisted of vocalist Robbie Smith, guitarists Ryan Madden and Danny Rankin, and brothers Chris and Andrew Fritter (drums and bass, respectively). Their album “Everything’s Watched, Everyone’s Watching”, an eleven song session of metal/thrash/hardcore/grindcore recordings, was released on New Weathermen records, an imprint of Ferret, in September of 2006.

HeavyHeavyLowLow first gained underground fame in 2005 with their EP Courtside Seats To The Greatest Fuck Of All Time, which features their first single “Inhalant Abuse Is Illegal And Can Be Fatal.” They expanded their fame with the release of their “Fuck It” EP, which features their most well known song “Tell Shannon Her Crafts Are Ready.”

Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock was released in September 2008. It featured a drastic change in the band’s sound, which has been described as “the beach boys on acid”. They’ve been touring locally (within Cali) to promote their newly-released album. They recently dropped Ferret and joined back together with their original label Twelve Gauge records. They are planning on releasing their newest album entitled Hospital Bomber.

Robbie smith-vocals
Danny Rankin-guitar
Chris Fritter-bass
Andrew Fritter-drums

Former Members:
Matthew Caudle-vocals
Ryan “Chip” Madden-Guitar