The Go! Team

The Go! Team プロフィール画像

The Go! Teamのバイオグラフィー

It starts as a solo unit of Ian Parton (guitar & harmonica) in 2001.
The present lineup named kaori tsuchida (multi insutourumento) that joins taking the place silky who was original member on the boundary of the ninja (vocal and lap), Kai fukami Taylor (drum), the Sam douc (guitar), the Jamie bell (base), and this work (As for three men, the female formation lives in London in Brighton).
The first single "Junior Kickstart" is released from Memphis industries (The Pipettes that makes the girl group in the 60's think recently becomes a hit from this label) in 03.
And, the hit of second base single "The Power Is On" to a popular person suddenly next year as first 'Sanda Lightning strike' is announced to the borrowing, and the reed is nominated to the mercury music prize of UK. It is criticized, and Britain NME magazine also speaks very highly of the live performance greatly in the.. novelty in own country Britain , saying that 'Jackson 5 the sonic meets youth' or 'Debut Composition of the most reformative band this year' the sound of confusion&groovy . It concludes quite successfully in a large-scale festival in many parts of the world such as Glastonbury in Britain and United States SXSW, and it the first in Japan finally lands with FUJI ROCK FES 2005.
CM song and "Get It Together" of the nike were appointed to CM song of AXE, and flowed in this "Power Is On" collected to 'Sanda Lightning strike' also between tea in Japan last year. After it comes to Japan first in the Fuji rock festival in 2005, this time becomes the first, single tour visit to Japan in Japan.